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My question is whether it is OK to take low dose seroquel (quitiapine) 25 or 50 mg as a sleeping aid as I then intend to ask my doctor then.Presently I am having lots of sleep problems since 1 month ever since my doctor started tapering me off Risperdal.I am on 0.5 mg and two days away from stopping the Risperdal under my doctor's supervision>I was wondering if it was alright to ask him about taking low dose seroquel as a sleeping aid instead of sleeping pills.Thank you.
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Seroquel is a strong antipsychotic agent.  While it does cause drowsiness, using it for sleep alone could bring along unwanted side effects or even new medical conditions.  Using a medicine specifically prescribed as a sleep aid would be a better option than exploiting a side effect of seroquel.  Also, patients who currently take seroquel often feel drowsy throughout the entire day.  Discuss any concerns you may have with your doctor, and he/she will work with you to find a regimen that works best for you.  
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