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Too much or too little wellbutrin

I have been taking Teva's Buproprion, 100 mg. a day for several years.  My physicians have not diagnosed
me with depression, but following a surgery, I was left in pain and I began suffering from insomnia.
I saw a psychiatrist a couple of times, and both times he told me I was not depressed, and I needed to
go to a large medical facility and find out what was wrong with me. Several
procedures later, the pain persisted.  I was given Wellbutrin, 150 mg. daily
but I would have to take Xanax to sleep, and to help with the hot and cold flashes and tingling
in my arms and legs.  The pain finally subsided and I was
able to taper to l00 mg of Teva's Buproprion, along with .5 mg of Xanas only at bedtime.  I have felt great for
several years.  About 5 weeks ago, my Buproprion ran out and the pharmacy sent home another generic
Buproprion made by Watson.  I immediately stopped sleeping, so I asked my husband to see if the pharmacist
could get the Teva.  They told him Teva is not longer making Buproprion, so they gave me another form
of Buproprion.  I tried it for a couple of days, and I started getting the old tingling, hot/cold flashes, and
insomnia.  I increased my Xanax to help with the symptoms.I was put on the real Wellbutrin,
but I felt terrible- jittery, hot flashes, chills, headaches, nausea.  Anyway, my pharmacist called all over
and found me a bottle of Teva's Buproprion.  I took it for two weeks, and my symptoms have persisted, and
my sleep has still not come back.  I then ping-ponged back to Wellbutrin XL, 150 mg. for acouple of days,
and still continued to get worse. I called my psychiatrist, and
he told me to go back on Teva's Buproprion, 100 mg. until I feel better.
I have done this, and still have the tingling, prickly, sensation in my extremeties, and the hot/cold flashes
are horrible. How d o know if I am getting these side-effects from too much Buproprion
or am I suffering withdrawl symptoms from lack of the original Buproprion.
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Hot flashes and insomnia are side effects with bupropion. But if you've been on it for several years you probably wouldn't develop the side effects now. I suggest continue taking the bupropion and let your doctor know if your condition does not improve.
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