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Venlafaxine 225mg

i have been on 225mg Venlafaxine for nearly 3yrs now. I dont find that the tablets help my depression at all and i would like to try someting else. However i have already tried most anti-depressants and anxiety tablets with little results. Is there any new medications that i could try?

Also for the last few weeks i have started to get withdrawal symptoms although i have taken the correct dosage everyday. I have in the past ran out of my meds and been very ill as a result. I cant understand why i am starting to get moderade withdrawal symptoms when i have taken the tablets ???

My withdrawal symptoms include - night sweats, nausea, dizziness, bad concentration, forgetfullness, mood swings and irritability. Some days i cant get up in the morning because i feel so weak.

any surgestions?

Please help thank you x
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The symptoms you describe are not only withdrawal symptoms, they are also side effects of venlafaxine.  There is a newer medication that is very similar to venlafaxine called Pristiq that you may tolerate better. Please make an appointment with your physician to discuss your treatment options.
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