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Wellbutrin XL 150mg withdrawals and also taking Sleeping pills

I stopped taking Wellbutrin XL 150 mgs about 6 days ago. When will the withdrawals end? Four weeks ago my doctor switched me to Lexapro. Four days later I started having severe withdrawals from the Wellbutrin (vertigo, loss of appetite, insomnia, feeling out of it, acne, tast differences..etc) I stopped the Lexapro and went back onto the Wellbutrin to find out my body was rejecting it. I decided to taper off the Wellbutrin and now have been off for 6 days. Also, the doctor prescibed me Zolpidem to help me sleep. I have been taking it every other day so I do not get addicted to this but I need to get some sleep somehow. Could taking this prolong the withdrawal effects from the Wellbutrin? I would love to hear from you since I am having problems getting answers. Thank you.
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Due to how Wellbutrin works, it usually takes up to 4 weeks to start seeing the effects in the same manner, it may take 2 weeks to a month to gradually see the “withdrawal symptoms” go away. If you do not see a change in two weeks, contact the doctor  so he can know how you feel once you stopped Wellbutrin. You should  also let him know you have stopped taking the Lexapro. There may have been a reason why he started you on the Lexapro.  Zolpidem should not prolong the side effects you are experiencing.
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