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Zyprexa, Cymbalta withdrawal

I took zyprexa 10 mg and cymbalta 60 mg (went up to 90 two weeks before discontinuing) for just over for months.  I discontinued both cold turkey 4 and a half months ago.  I hava since been suffering from insomnia/non-restorative sleep.  I am desperate - the lack of sleep is driving me crazy, not to mention the agitation/irritability and how it is causing my anxiety/OCD to go out of control.  I know now that these were powerful meds and that it was a bad idea to stop them abruptly but what's done is done and I'm desperate for a solution.  I've tried alternative medicine (orthomolecular medicine, acupuncture) and well as other drugs sporadically (like clonazepam, but it's a benzo, so I avoid it when i can - 2 mg 2-3 times a week only).  Everyone says zyprexa and cymbalta is long out of my system but there is obviously something still very wrong with me.  I actually tried going on zyprexa for several days but that didn't help.  Is tha the way to go?  Go back on those same meds and discontinue them slowly or do I need other help/meds?
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The medications are eliminated from your system after 4-10 days, so I would not go back on them just to taper off again. Discuss with your doctor what you're experiencing and what options are available.
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