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drug interactions

i just started bupropion sr 150 mg. today to help me quit smoking. is it ok to take it with my other meds. esp. trazadone?
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The bupropion can interact with your hydrocodone, Klonopin, and trazodone.  This does not mean that you can not take them though.  The interaction is due to the fact that they can all make you drowsy, confused, and weak.  They may be taken together as long as you are very cautious.  Do not take them together when you need to do any activities that would require full alertness, such as driving, until you know how they affect you.  Medications affect everyone differently, so you may not have these side effects at all.  Alternatively, someone else could be completely put to sleep by only the Klonopin.  It is very patient-specific.  
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