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lisinopril and atenolol for hypertension

Hi.  I've been taking Lisinopril 40mg, and crazy dizziness and headaches occurred and brought my blood pressure down to around 90/50, so my doctor had me take only 20mg lisinopril per day.  

With 20mg, my blood pressure was constantly at 160-170/100.  

Then, the doctor told me to take Atenolol 25mg at night and lisinopril 20mg in the morning.  It brought my blood pressure down to around 100/60 regularly, but recently it started going up again.  I often have electric tingling/weakness in my hands/arms/legs and feel like I will faint.  Blood pressure fluctuates from 160/100 to 100/60 from one day to another.

Doctor thinks I have panic attack and should take Xanax for it.  But, I feel like the medication combination (atenolol/lisinopril) is giving me hard time.  I asked doctor to please change the medication but he refuses, and he thinks it's the anxiety attack that's the cause for all this.  What should I do?

Is Lisinopril/Atenolol a proven combination to help hypertension?


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I have seen doctors use this combination, but they will need to keep adjusting the dose until your blood pressure is at a good number. Sometimes it may take 2-3 weeks for your body to adjust to the medications.
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