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I am an American living and working in China.  I have been going through my medicine bag and I found some meds that I don't know why I have them.  I have found 4 which the descriptions sound strange to me.  Azithromycin, Roxithromycin, moroxydine hydrochloride and Ribavirin.  Most of the description I get from the web are that these are for various STD's. but I don't have any STD's.  I have had a medical check for my visa to verify this in March of this year.  I did have an ear infection with a bad sore throat and lots of congestion last year.  Could these medicines be used for treating that?  I can't read Chinese so I don't remember why I have these meds.  I do live with my girlfriend but I don't think they are her meds.  Thanks for any help you can give.
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Azithromycin and Roxithromycin are antbiotics so they could have been given for your infection that you had.  Moroxydine HCl is an antiviral used for the prevention and treatment of influenza.  Ribavirin is also an antiviral that is indicated for severe RSV infection, Hepatits C, or other viral infections.
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Thanks for that.  That seems to make a lot of sense now that you have said it.  Getting sick in China is not like in the States.  The meds here are really very weak in comparison to the west.  Thanks again!
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