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12 yr old with Aspergers possible more

I am the step father of a 12 yr. old boy who was diagnosed with Aspergers at the age of 5 I have been with him for all of time time, at lately it is getting bad.  He has always had little qwerks, but lately he is becoming increasingly more violent.  He is now often uncontrollable no matter what you try, I have tried nice, I have tried stern and I have treid plain old iron fist.  Nothing seems to work, for instance we were at a wedding reception this weekend and granted as many of you know that children with Aspergers have and icreasingly hard time in large groups of people, but he was out of control at one point even grabbing a steak knife and trying to sneak off with it I cought him and he became irate with me and did the old finger across the neck slash to me.  I am quite literaly at my witts end, to compound things we have a 1 yr. old baby at home and I am getting worried.  He speaks of his father who, has been in prison for the last year and generally a non factor in his and his older brothers life for the duration.  I guess my question is or my frustration is I just dont know what to do and I am looking for an glimer of hope for this child and myself.  His behavior sets the tone for the whole house and its never a good tone it is always somthing, soemone pursecuting him.  I am open to any and all suggestions, programs for troubled kids, schools for kids with Aspergers, anything somthing.  Thank you inadvance for any help you may be able to provide.
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I am sorry that you are going through this situation. You step son seems to be at the extreme end of things.
Developmental delays are common in aspie kids, i do not believe that the violent behavior this child is experiencing has to do with the autism
you mentioned that his father is in prison, maybe try to make the commection between prison and violence
if you do this you will end up here
i was room mom at my sons school 3 yrs in a row, the kids had a range of problems, they started with partial blindness and went to bi-polar disorder,
maybe your step son can see a doctor and start treatment for bi-polar disorder
i will try to find the name of the program, and it may help, its a state social worker that will come to your house 2 hours twice a month, and help set some boundaries
a change in behavior is what he needs, finding what it will take is going to be a challange
i knew that if i did not do something soon, my son would end up in a childrens hospital for psyc. problems
so i turned to that program and it worked for us
now i can take my child to weddings, store, even the mall
i will ask my husband to bring the file home from work
hang in there!!!
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