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5.5 year old diagnosis adhd with possible aspergers

I know there are alot of people out there dealing with issues with their children and their behaviors.  When my son david was 3 thats when I noticed he was "different" from other children.  He was impulsive, powered by a motor and socializing never went well with other children.  When he was 4 we put him  in preschool and he was kicked out due to his hyperness and him hitting other children, but was not hitting to be mailcious.  We tried another preschool and he lasted 2 weeks and was kicked out for same thing.  This led me to the pediatrcian, then to a pediatric neurologist. He went to him for a year and was on different meds, adderall, ritalin they even tried risperdal which did not work at all! so he went back on ritalin.. He started kindergarten this september, had an iep for the classroom which only consisted of an occupational therapist 1x a week for half hour to help him use scissors and hold a pen properly.  He was doing well up until a month ago.  His behavior went balistic.  Hes always had issues with being last in line, not being first in a game or the line leader.  When this happens he starts going into a tantrum, hitting whoever is around him, not listening to anyone because he didnt get what he wanted. Ive been called to the school to pick him up because they were not able to calm him down, he was in the principals office and was throwing papers off the desk, flipping chairs because they wouldnt let him out of the room.  The last time I picked him up he slammed the classroom door, and was made to close it properly, this caused a complete melt down and when I arrived at school he was being restrained by school psychologist  because  he was trying to flee  from school, aggressive and was trying to hit his head on the wall, which i never have seen that before. He will lick his finger and blow on it, he does have anxiety, he blows through his straw before he takes a sip and is very observant with things. If his puzzle box lid is not on straight he has to fix it, things like that. so i took him to a psychiatrist and there was some issues he was seeing and I was told to take him to crisis at hospital.  I didnt admit him hes 5, but what happened is he now does partial care through hospital, so from 830  to 3 monday through friday he goes to this program where he is evaluated by clinincians and a pediatric psychiatrist.  hes only been there for a week and a few days ago I met with dr and he said he has adhd, possible autistic spectrum disorder.  he put him on adderall xr, the first day was horrible he was so aggressive and hyper and hes not going to sleep until midnight.  Its been 5 days now on this meds and hes still very hyper, socializing is still an issue with him hitting and staying calm.  I as a parent am trying to do  everything I can for him, I just feel so unsettled because Im not sure if this is going to work.  its so scary and frustrating when you need a complete diagnosis and you dont have one.  his behaviors seem to be the same even on this medication, I dont know what else to do?
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Sorry to say, I don't really know how it is in America that well...
I know that in my country that there are some special groups (intake (you'll spend an amount of time away from home for the optimal results of the therapy)).
I can suggest 1 thing that will play on his feelings (if not already tried and proved not to), record a tantrum and show it to him later. (It helped with me when I had tantrums (I've got PDD-NOS, but have experience with Aspergers, got a few in my class))
At first it'll look like he doesn't give a damn, but from the inside he could be really hurt, just watch carefully for his face.

Offcourse I don't know your son, so I might say a lot of bullcrap because every *** individual is different (so i learned my whole life)

Just 1 more thing (very dangerous to try a psychologists says):
Express your feelings and tell him into detail what and why you feel it. (Psychologists don't recommend using feelings, but Autists are not by definition psychopaths (like for example: me (I'm understanding what you're going through)...)
Make him understand feelings by the above (hope this will work for you), not all of em can but most do.

I'm tired so not all of this might be true..

Last words: I feel you (been there).

(Im not a college graduate in psychology, so nothing is seen as a fact but highly hypothetical)
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