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AS + School

It has been brought to my attention that children with AS require concentration in certain area(s) in classroom adaptation. Just to name a few:
·         Structure and routine in order to function in the classroom as well keeping their world as predictable as possible.
·         Change in schedule is necessary the parent should be notified as far in advance as possible so that they   can all work together in preparing her for it.
·         A child's difficulty with social cues, nonverbal communication, figurative language and eye contact are part of their neurological makeup – they’re not being deliberately rude or disrespectful.
·         A child is an individual, not a diagnosis; please be alert and receptive to the things that make their unique and special.
·         Keep the lines of communication open between home and school. An AS child needs all the adults in their life working together.
So to sum up my inquire with the concerns I have stumble upon in regards to a children with AS and the concentrated attention needed, where can I find the dedicated attention for an aspie?
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Just an add on to me previous post... I’m new to this forum and I’m seeking some advice. I know that children with Asperger Syndrome can function totally fine in public schools but I’m wondering for those parents who want to protect their kids a little more what can they do. I’m not saying that public schools are dangerous because I went to public school all of my life and I turned out fine (at least that’s what I tell myself ;-).
So for the parent who seek a comprehensive approach to their child’s educational needs, where can they go so that their child is in the same learning environment so that they are not singled out? Any information is greatly appreciated and valued. Thanks!
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It's is extremely difficult for a  parent a without children with AS to sympathize with those who have AS. The compassion is there but the ability to relate may be dwindling. A child with AS in most cases can continue to be educated in a regular classroom, however, as the other students progress, the child with AS may not. As much as parents of a child with special needs may want their child to be treated the same and be placed in “normal” situations; acceptance is key and dedicated attention which is not offered in a regular classroom is pinnacle towards the progression for children with AS.
Undoubtedly you cannot fault a child for teasing another who has AS, this can be brought upon due to the lack of exposure or explanation of AS. In an effort to protect their kids and to prevent or stop any kind of teasing or bullying, parents find it comforting to enroll their child in a school system that is designed to cater to their child and not the other way around.
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Hey everyone! Thank you all for your input it is greatly appreciated. I’ve done some research and came across two schools in New York, NY, the first is Aaron Academy and the second is Aaron School. I was on both of the schools website and I’m very impressed, does anyone have any feedback/reviews on either one of these schools?
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Hello aspielove,
Fortunately I have had the opportunity to tour both Aaron Academy and Aaron School in New York City. The differences between the two schools are quite vast and knowing which one is best suitable for your child is important. Aaron Academy primary focus is Asperger’s Syndrome. Their targeted approach is truly unique and revolutionary. Also, Aaron Academy serves middle-high school students. Aaron school focus is broader in regards to special education and Aaron School server student from k-5th grades and will be expanding to the 6th grade in the fall. From my first hand experience both school are impeccable and well worth looking into and enrolling!
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