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Asperger's and pre-algebra

Hi I am new here and hope this site will help tremendously.  My daughter is 13 and recently diagnosed with Asperger's.  I have suspected it since she was 7.  My question is has anyone dealt with their child being forced to continue on in math including pre-algebra?  My daughter is being forced to take this class and she is melting down left and right.  She is on an IEP and all that it states is that her work be modified and that she be taken out of the class to a quiet setting when working. I just had another IEP meeting last week expressing that I DO NOT feel it is fair to her to continue on to this level of math.  She just can't do it.  She says it is WAY too hard and she can't remember all the steps.  She doesn't understand why she should have to take this if she is never going to use it.  I requested that she be in an Interrelated math that mainly focused on functional math skills she would need for the future. They said the only class they could offer her is pre-algebra and that they will not excuse her from having to move on in high school to have to do the Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2 combination.  They told me that I need to get her to buckle down and learn this because it is just going to get harder.  What do I do???????  It seems no one is listening to me and my daughter is not wanting to go to school because she hates it!  Help!!!
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Man I wish I could help you. I am sure that my 9yr old has aspergers as well and math has become a struggle for her just to even learn her times tables. Its like pulling teeth. She starts crying and melting down because she just doesnt understand. She has always struggled with Math, money and clocks.
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Yeah that is how we started with Amanda.  She had difficulty with number sense so even trying to teach her addition and subtraction was hard.  Educators need to get more training on this disorder because they ruin children's self esteem.  Amanda has constantly been called lazy throughout school or "she's not trying".  I am so sick of it!
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school isnt a free ride....if she cant do algebra she shouldnt graduate....
I have aspics and suck at math but still graduated college with trig.
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Don't give up on her!! Call in a state advocate for her if your school will not comply. It sounds like my son's school. Went through the same sort of thing when he was 13. Put it on the line for the school. It's their job to get her to the level they are required. Not yours! It's your job to support what they are doing. They have the education in what she should be doing. As my son's doctor said....looks like your school is doing the bare minimum. I came right out & told our principal that. Keep fighting for her. If you don't, no one else will.
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Sorry I'm so late to this conversation. I just came across this website. I hope that your daughter made it through last school year's math class. Advocate to your daughter's Math teachers that they modify assignments, reduce the number of problems to be done, show written examples of step-by-step problem-solving and limit the number of problems on a worksheet/handout to reduce confusion and visual distraction. If your daughter continues to have difficulty with Math, or any other subject for that matter, try the online courses available free on the Kahn Academy website. (www.khanacademy.org)  It's great for getting supplemental instruction in any academic area.  Also, check with your school district to see if there are online courses available for credit in those subjects that your daughter struggles with. (It might only be available on the high school level, but ask anyway.) In addition, you may consider hiring a tutor for one-on-one instruction.  Our son has struggled with English, esp. writing assignments like essays, etc. (Math is his strong-suit so the opposite problem of your daughter's.)  His former English teacher works with him 1 hour per week, double that on tight deadlines for big projects.  It has been well worth the cost ($20/hr).  Another option is to see if your community has a Mathnasium franchise in your area, offering tutoring services in Mathematics. (Here's a link for it, http://www.mathnasium.com/).  Finally, as previously mentioned, your School District is responsible for providing an environment and special needs accommodations for your daughter so she is a successful student.  You are her greatest advocate so do not give up.  We experienced a similar situation when we moved to another state and faced a backwards thinking school district unwilling to do what they're mandated to do for special needs kids.  All it takes is a parent with a strong backbone to not take no for an answer...and threaten to bring your attorney into the conversation.  That gets a School District's attention faster than anything else.  And, if need be, follow-through on taking them to court, and contact the media for attention on the matter to gain community support.  When one parent stands up to the system so many others benefit. Best of luck!  And, tell your daughter she's beautiful and smart...and doing Math well, or not, doesn't change that. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Math isn't one of mine either.
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maybe you could teach her. i'm sure you know her better than the teachers. i would have never learned math if i stayed in school. my mom took me out and homeschooled me, she made me do math for 2 hours a day, it paid off. i didn't have aspergers, i was just a dumb kid. now i am 30 and make good money at my math-intense job.

I don't know my times table. I still passed calculus with A's. Money and clocks are hard too. This is why there are digital watches. I actually got good at money though.

if you can't actually teach her you could give her rewards for doing math homework and check it with her before she turns it in. if she gets her homework done make it a small reward, if she gets 90% or more make it a big reward.
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i knowexactly how she feels as i have the same isue and thebest thing i can say too do is see if u can get her into geomatry which willl make a whole lot more sense  to her as i have failed every algebra course i have taken
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you obviously dont undersand how hard it is to try soo hard and still fail every time
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