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Aspergers and thyroid medication

I am new to the forum, this is my first post....for the last four years i have taken steps towards general health, but every step i take seems to be in the wrong direction, i am unable to find a doctor to look at all my medical issues and how they may be affecting one another, here is a brief list....
recovering opiate addict
hep c
you see, i have done tons of resaerch and found out that many of the symptoms of my medical issues go hand in hand, for example, when my doctor drops my synthriod dose the aspergers symptoms come out, i cannot sleep, i have no energy, and problems digesting
but when i actually tell my doctor that a the synthriod helps with all this he just does not believe me
and my gi doctor says that i should not take the onlt treatment out there for hep because of the autism
and my 12 step program suggest that i stay away from my pts medication
today around 4:00 i got to the point where i wanted to just give up, everything i have worked for pissed away
i am over-whelmed with my medical issues, i do not know what to do next, i am not even sure if i am posting this in the right place
i do not know if i am going crazy from having a chronic illness (hep) or is it because i am not taking enough synthriod or is it just because i am having one of those days where i just want to use drugs
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Welcome to the forum. :)
Not being able to sleep and the no energy can be the result of your opiate withdrawel or your Hep C... Hep C can drain your energy.

As far as 12 step programs from lurking the substance abuse forum, people seem to find AA a better program than NA, because NA seems to be more intolerant to using meds designed to help the recovery process.

Don't give up hope. If it helps I can send you a link to a good aspergers forum, one that people have accepted their aspergers/autism as part of them, rather than trying to fight it. To be honest, from my personal opinion, I believe your aspergers is the least of your problems. As a child I lived with the thought that being autistic was a bad thing, that it made me different and somehow inferior to the "normal" people. Thankfully that changed when I got aquainted with Jim Sinclair and other autism advocates. I got to see I am not alone and being different doesn't mean being inferior.

I think the push towards "fitting in" goes too far and I wish people can be happy with themselves for who they are. On dark days and the occasional pity party I need to remind myself that I am not defective and that whatever I've been given, both good and bad is for some kind of reason. Even if there isn't a reason, I can still use that to become stronger.

So if anything I think focus on your recovery and the hep C and not worry so much about the aspergers. Please feel free to pm me for some good links on autism/aspergers.
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thank you for your reply, i have been an active member of na for years
to me na is better suited to fit my needs, i know what you mean, tons of aa members come on forums and bash na
but the rumors or not true at all
na is a valid program
infact the 12steps of na have worked better for my autism than any drug i have ever tried
your right about focusing on the health issues first, i am just not sure how to approach it
thanks again for responding
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og, i forgot, please send me the forum link
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i tries sending you a message a few times today
i have not figured out this forum, when i goto compose a message there is no text to enter in the "captcha" box
any tips?
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Sounds like something is wrong with how images are loaded on your browser?  I notice the image text reqirement seems to be random. I don't see it occur every time I send a message. But then again I don't tend to send out too many messages. I just keep replying to the same message people send me unless it gets way too long, then I may start a new chain.

I'm not as faimilar with NA as AA and actually not been to either.  I don't know how such meetings would take me if said, "I'm here not because I have a problem with narcotics or alcohol, but because I am a writer and trying to help understand what meetings are like so I can write a book about a recovering alcoholic bug...

That would get me ousted for sure along with a few laughs for the "bug factor".. Privacy is a major concern... They may think I'd be out to violate their terms.
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you could goto a meeting with me anytime
i am going to send you a link of a book that can help you with your book
i think you will like it!!!
as far as the forum, i am slowly catching on, not as over-whelming as first day here
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Thanks for the link, but it doesn't work. I've been trying to contact you. I noticed your counter. I hope you haven't given up hope and left the community or something.  I would like to keep in touch anyway.  I did get a link from someone else to the AA book, 4th edition. I read through the first couple chapters so far. It's pretty interesting.  It appears I'm not too far off base with my story so far.
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