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Frustrated ODD<OCD PDD or ADD

Hello, I wanted to know if anyone might be able to help, I have a 9 year old daughter who shows signs of rigidness, black and white thinking, uncontrolable impulsitivites, hates changes in routines, poor social skills, fixations on details, along with depression, perfectionism,attention problems, and other behaviorla issues as I am sure you can imagine the ones that go with a few of these, she started at age 4 with these, has seen a PSYchatrist, and 2 neuros, I said she had ADD, maybe a PDD, another Major depressive disorder,Social Anxiety Disorder, PDD-NOS, now today I got ADHD-NOS and OCD? Im at wits end, shes a great girl, whose heading right straight for the wall, Her younger brother has Aspergers, I have 3 immediate family members with severe bipolar disorders, and several Autistic cousins, I myself and my only brother had ADD when we were kids,so they tell me.... How can one diferentate the difference of the symptoms and where they go? My daughter and son are so much alike they react the same way, do the same things, its unbelivable, shes on STAterra and Wellbutrin, only after everyother med known to man was tried and rendered horriable side effects. My son nothing, however he has A behavirol Health Professional that works with him, and she is awesome. He is doing great, shes sinking and fast, I am perplexed at how now the same symptoms she has are now due to OCD, she may display a few of the characteristics, but  so do we all, I would know if she was OCD. I  have seen the gains my son has made with a BHP, and the small tiny gains she makes over the years with meds and I am on my 3 rd year of trying to get services for her. I am so frustrated and want to cry,... I know where this child is heading, and I am trying my hardest to prevent that, Does anyone have a n take on where I should go?
Should I ask to see a Child PSY?, even after the Neuros?, What differentiates the symptoms?  Now they want me to put her on Luvoix? Just another pill again, Besides the two of them with Special needs, I have a 6 year old and twin 4 year olds, one of which is heading right down the same path as the other two? I am drowning here any help, or info is gladley appreciated, I have studied, researched and attended seminars for AS children and its as clear as day to me what the problem is,even though each have such a different wway about it, how can I get someone else to see that?
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If you are convinced it is Aspergers and not ADHD (or maybe Aspergers with possibly traits of ADHD0, go with what you feel because you probably have as much experience as the experts you are seeing.  The person who diagnosed your daughter was he experienced only in ADHD?  Have you looked at DSM IV for autism/aspergers/ADHD to see what the difference is in the criterias?  If you google DSM IV you can look at the diagnostic criteria for the three different disorders.  Start to keep a daily dairy and make notes of all her behaviours which you think are Aspergers or ADHD.
You have every right to ask for a second opinion and to ask to be referred to a multi disciplinary team that specialise in diagnosing autism/aspergers.
If you have the money you could pay for an independent Educational Psychologists assessment.  If you contact the National Autistic Society in your country they usually have helplines and educational helplines as well as information about services you can access and sometimes details of professionals who can assess or support you through this process.
At the top of this forum, if you click on the Health Page icon you can assess the DSM IV diagnostic criteria for autism and I have asked parents to post examples of their childrens behaviour.  This will give you some examples of what the professionals are looking for.  But you need to also google DSM IV for Aspergers and ADHD and OCD.  It is quite possible for someone to be a mixture of disorders, but if you feel the medication and approach is not working with your daughter I think you have every right to question that and to ask that the same approaches and strategies are used with your daughter as have been sucessful with your son.
I'm sorry you've got so much on your plate.  Sometimes these conditions can tend to cluster in families, which may suggest some kind of genetic link or pre-disposition.  In my own family we have depression, mental illness, OCD, developmental delay, low IQ, autism and Fibromyalgia.  And I know it is hard because everyone in the family is dealing/coping with something.  But that does make you something of an expert.  I would suggest getting in touch with the NAS and also joining a support group as it will give you a chance of meeting other families in the same position.  You will get alot of information from them and it will give your kids a chance to socialise with other similar children in a non-judgemental atmosphere.
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Thanks for your info, insight  and understandment.
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