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I was just wondering if anyone that has social phobia or social anxiety have ever tried hypnotherapy for a cure. I was just wondering, because I have a really bad case of social phobia due to my Asperger's syndrome. I'm currently trying to get over it on my own, but it is really hard. If anyone has tried this for a cure, please let me know how it worked. Thanks! :)

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I tried it with a psychologist for about six weeks.  Waste of time for me because i have ADHD type symptoms with my Aspergers.  There was shop fitting' in progress next door to his office.  The slightest noise/distraction for me and I'm somewhere else.  Did not want to disa ppoint him about the hyponotherapy, tried giving him some hints.  Eventually my wife told me no more.

Give it ago if you are not easily distracted and see if there is any benefit.  Believe you are better served finding a psychologist who specialises in Aspergers and undergoing some CBT.  Professionals who specialise in Aspergers have a very different way of conducting their therapy from my experience.
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Thank You so much for your response! It is greatly appreciated. :) I'm sorry that it wasn't of any help to you. :(

Do you know if a regular consular would have any experience dealing with Asperger's? I know that you have said about seeing a psychologist who specializes in Asperger's, but I'm not really sure of any in my area. Do you know of any websites in where I could find one? Thanks! :)
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