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I have AD and my stepson has Aspergers


I married the most beautiful woman in the world.  During our 8 years of marriage we discovered I have Alzheimers and she and her two children have ADHD.  We also discovered that her son now 13 has Aspergers. Due to my illness I am home a lot and do a lot to take care of the family. We get the kids every other week.  I have noticed that the little quirks that my step-son has were kinda his charm when he was younger, but as a teen it feels now disrespectful.  

Having AD you battle each day to keep calm and not over react, which I found with having a purpose and healthy lifestyle helps. But, my stepson tone and goofy behavior is like nails on chalkboard at times (which it is becoming more frequently).  My stepdaughter who is the oldest child living in the house, but also is very immature for her age.

Love my wife very much, and when we are alone, it is magical.  She is very understanding and supporting.  But, it must be hard on her that my manner and mood changes ever time her son walks in the room.  

I care very much for both of the kids and I basically raised them.  

Looking for suggestions, to deal with the stress.  On another note we feel he can work on behavior, but chooses not too. Because around his friends he is totally different.

Thank you
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