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Meds for anxiety

My son is 14 and we recently found out he has aspergers, he is seeing a counselor at this point. He gets a lot of anxiety over a lot of things. I was wondering if any of you get medication for your child for anxiety. We go back to the counselor next week and I am going to ask her about it but wanted to hear from some of you who have a child like me. I think medication would really help him. He is a bit reluctant to want to take anything but maybe if someone else would have a story for me it would help me to see things differently.
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       My daughter isn't on any meds but I am. I take zoloft which I think is a lifesaver. No side effects that I'm aware of and I can really feel a difference. I would not let them give him paxil though. I've never met anyone who has had a good experience with paxil.
My 13 year old aspie was on Zoloft for a while. It definitely helped with his anxiety.  As time went on - we took him off to see if he could cope without. He is now back to full blown meltdowns in school and we are awaiting a phone call to get him back on.  The anxiety and stressors in school for an Aspergers child can be miserable and something we could never understand.  
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Thanks for the advise, I will keep that in mind.
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Hi Deb, my little girl is a 16yo Aspie and she has been on different drugs for the last 8 yrs. We through trial and error finally have her on a great combination for her. She takes Adderall 20mgs, and Strattera 40mgs in the am. These help her to focus on what the task is at the moment, otherwise she is doing 40 things at once in her mind. She takes seroquel 200mgs at night for anxiety. (night because it makes her very sleepy). She gets very agitated and aggravated and nervous with out her meds for the anxiety. It helps her in the area of all the sensory areas as well, like the way clothes feel on her skin or how the school smells to her, or how she can't tolerate the white noise of anywhere. Before this cocktail of meds our life was a total mess. I wanted to jump off of a bridge. LOL
We are starting the diagnosing process for my husband. No doc has called him an Aspie yet but the school of hard knocks I graduated from tells me he is 100%. I am excited to get him on some meds that will help improve his life as much as they have my daughter's life. Some folks are totally against drug therapy and that is their right but I'm here to tell you if not for the meds my daughter wouldn't be as independent as she has become and I wouldn't be alive. Yes it can get that stressful people.
My daughter didn't want to take meds at first but quickly realized how much better her life is on the meds. She tells all her therapy mates to consider them, because of how much better her life is. That is how I back up my theory that they know they are not neurotypical because my daughter knows how much better the meds have made her life.
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Thanks for the info rettuq, I am for the drugs if they will help him which I think they will. He does not want to take anything but I am going really try and make him to this as till we find the right thing for him as I think in the end he will thank me. I hope anyway.
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Not sure how bad your son's Aspergers is, maybe not so very bad as he was diagnosed with 14 and not before.

Omega 3,6,9 oil helped me a lot, I'm so much calmer and levelheaded... He might need stronger meds, but maybe try the oil first?? It's natural and might help him 'out of his shell'. I also take Vitamin B6 and E and it simply makes me feel better.

Also, he might feel better about taking natural stuff, because it isn't medication as such. Aspergers after all is not an illness one can medicate away, it's a different way of seeing things - for some more different than for others.

It must be very scary being 14 and just diagnosed with Aspergers.

All the best,
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