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Misdiagnosed with Aspergers?

I am 19 and was diagnosed with aspergers at 16.I don't trust the diagnosis of the mental health clinic, due to unprofessional actions. So I did my own digging and research, and found that I don’t fit almost any of the criteria. I found that people with Aspergers can have trouble putting themselves in other people’s shoes, can be inappropriate, Have a lack of social skills, need schedules, and more. With me however, I have a severe lack of social skills, and obsessive interests in certain topics, and I am extremely logical, that is the only parts I fit. I was diagnosed at 16 but didn’t do anything with the information, but recently started questioning it. As i don’t currently see a mental health care professional my mom spoke to hers. Her counselor was adamant that I had Asperger's because i am vegan, and in her eyes that is rigid thinking. As a child I was shy, but able to make friends and handle social situations in a somewhat normal way. I preferred to read, Preferably history books and I didn’t know how to play" normally" .as a preteen I had lots of friends and was an average kid, except for my obsessive interest of world history. I didn’t have social problems until I was 14.That year I went from a shy but average kid, to not being able to have a conversation with someone without feeling like a blind man stumbling in the dark. I can empathize with people and can read basic body language, but I can’t understand social queues .I lost my ability to do so in a short time. I know this is not viewed as accurate by some but to give you a general understanding about how my mind works, I found Myers Briggs and tested every time at INTJ. At 16 just before I was diagnosed I went to a woman who does some sort of cognitive testing. She gave me tests of patterns and said it was likely I had Aspergers but never explained why. I also know five people with Aspergers and I don’t share the core similarities that they have. I am just so confused.
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