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My 5 year old with ADHD and OCD

My son, Aidan, is 5 and half years old and preparing to enter Kindergarten in apublic school on the fall. He started having behavioral issues when he was 2 1/2 everything from bouncing off the falls to repetitive behaviors like flipping light switches to figuring out how to break out of the house. When he was 3 and a 1/2 his dad left for a year long deployment to Iraq followed by 6 months of him living in Las Vegas to finish his enlistment and me and my two kids living in LA where we had relocated when he deployed. Just before his dad left his behavior started to worsen and once my husband was gone it went from bad to worse. A couple months after Aidan turned 4 his pediatrician and his preschool teacher suggested he be evaluated by a psychologist. So we took him for regularly for a few months and had him evaluated and we also to took him to a second doc for a second opnion and they both agreed he had ADHD and OCD. We hestitated on putting him on medication, but over the summer while he was being evaluated his behavior turned dangerous. He was only sleeping about 6-7 hours a night so he would wake up before the son got up and he'd go outside and wander around in front of our house, he was constantly repeating himself, you could hardly hold a conversation with him because any time you asked him a question he would be totally engulfed in his own world and it was very difficult to ever get an answer, he was hoarding food under his bed and eating boxes of cookies and fruit snacks in single sittings, he was hyper and couldnt focus on anything, even getting dressed, I would have to say something a dozen times before he actually did it and even then he wouldn't always complete the task and while it was hard at home, my biggest concern was school. He wasn't able to complete anything he started, he didnt have any friends and he almost always played by himself. He wouldnt participate during chapel time or circle time, he was always off in the clouds at home and at school. He had this awful fear of the cat and if he had to walk past the cat while he was close, Aidan would fall on the ground and start crying and panicing. This is just a sample of some of the things he was doing, and so they started him on 20 mg of Prozac and his fears, anxiety, and repetitive behaviors seemed to get better, but he was still out in the clouds  and when it came to the cat he went the opposite direction. Aidan became obsessed with the cat and actually took a screw driver and disassembled the two way dead bolt locks we put on the doors to keep him in the house all so he could pet the cat. So they put him 18mg of Concerta, and he seemed to be slightly less in the clouds and it was a little easier to hold a conversation with him. Then they put him on 27mg of Concerta and he got really grumpy and agressive, so they dropped him back to 18 and over the past 7 months have gradually brought him to 18mg of concerta and 60 of the Prozac. In February his father returned home for good and we hoped his behvaior would improve a great deal and it seemed to only get better as they gave him more prozac. In June, he was doing ok, except he was still in the clouds half of the time and still very impulsive, he would get upset easily but them would be quick to apologize. So in the beginning of July they kept him at 60mg of Prozac and moved him back up to 27mg of Concerta and he has gotten really aggressive and he's angry all the time, you can hardly be around him because he is so grumpy. If you ask him to do something more then once because he isnt responding to you the first time, he gets mad and repeats I hear you mom a dozen times. It's as though he is hearing me, but his brain isnt telling his mouth to reply and say ok mom and his brain isnt telling his body to move and do what mom said. He is frustrated with one thing or another all the time. At school he is fighting with everyone and his teacher said his ability to focus is worse then it's ever been before. Which brings me to my question, his teacher (who has a grown son with ADHD and OCD and 20 years experience working with pre-schoolers) disagrees with his diagnosis. She is concerned that he has a mild form of autism, which is why he is having a negative response to the Concerta and is so socially awkward. I have told his doctor what Aidan's teacher thinks and he disagrees. His doctor has just given me the ok to put him back on 18mg of Concerta since the 27mg has just made things worse for the last 10 days. My concern is that we have spent a year plus getting him diagnosed and trying different dosages of medications and I have a great deal of respect for his teacher and his doctor, at what point will the diagnosis become more clear? And also does my son sound like he has a mild form of Autism or is his teacher way off? Do you have any suggestions for his treatment and what our next move should be? I would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions.
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Have you ever asked the Doctors opinion if those Meds  could be causing the problems, if you put them into the search engine and put in side effects, it will tell you,Take a look as there could be more counselling help for him.
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i would not worry about a proper diagnosis, i would just try treat the symptoms.
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i had a lot of similar behavior patterns with my son and it seems that your son may benefit from antypsychotic drug.
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I disagree strongly with Milka333. The symptoms are the outward showing of the underlying cause, the underlying cause needs to be treated, as treating the symptoms will not make them disappear. As for the "up in the clouds" behaviour, that will only be remedied by treating the underrlying cause as such a symptom is impossible to address without knowing what is really the true issue.

There is a possibility that your son may have Asperger's Syndrome, however I cannot diagnose without meeting the person in question first. I think there is merit in seeking a specialist behavioural psychologist who knows about Aspergers Syndrome and asking what he thinks.
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Couldn't agree with you more.  The treatment for autism/aspergers are very drifferent than OCD/ADHD both from a phamecutical and therapy standpoint.  The combinations of some drugs will mask or excaberate systems. Some of the behaviors you described may be Autism/Aspergers but it is imperative that you get a proper diagnosis so that you are one more step closer to appropriate treatment.
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I would be concerned about using drugs long term - does your sons diet include lots of additives/processed foods?  My son as a preschooler and toddler would exhibit ODD behaviours after birthday parties or Easter (we were on a restricted diet for his behavioural problems/ADHD).  We find a diet of home cooked plain foods is best and have since his diagnosis gone GFCF, with what appears to be good results (I need to put him back on Gluten and Casien to see what happens at some point)

I have also seen my sons temper tantrums become really scary when his trial dose of Ritalin was increased.  He is only on a fraction of the normal dose for his weight, and we get good results.  I have read that heightened sensitivity to drugs is a feature of Aspergers.

Don't go cold turkey though, you need medical advice to come off prozac, don't know about Concerta.  I would try and find a specialist who has a good reputation with Autism and ODD, and discuss wheter the drugs are fixing one thing only to cause another.  Kids are pretty sensitive to chemicals, which is what medication is.

Good luck, and find time for yourself whenever you can - you need to be in good shape to do the best for your son - if someone you trust offers to baby sit, take them up!!
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I strongely agree with vangew.  I feel for you and your child.  I would definately seek other opinions.  Though before doing that, I would cleans your sons system of those drugs.  Remember Aspergers is a syndrom and is diffrent for everyone suffering.
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Has he been to a neuropsychologist or pediatricpyschiatrist ? Have you looked into Sensory Integration Disorders? My daughter has signs of OCD, ODD, and SID and is being evaluated soon, finally. I also try to feed her a super bland diet. But she loves sweets, like most of us, so I'll have to remove those from the house I think. Aspergers, OCD, ODD, and SID, even giftedness can all share symptoms, making things even more complicated. I'll keep you in my prayers, if that's alright.
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