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Older child on the spectrum

My son, who will turn 14 this July was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3 with a hard clinical diagnosis at age 6. However now at this age I would believe that he is on the higher functioning side of Autism, probably more Aspergers. We have had our ups and downs, a slew of different medications to help keep all the symptoms and other things at bay. And just when I think that thing are going to go smoothly we are struck with puberty. :-( He has been going through the better part of this stage for almost a year and I'm just curious, is there anyone else who is going through the same thing that may have some advice for us.

How long does this usually last?
Did anyone notice any significant changes in mood/behavior?
And he says that there is a girl that he likes. I'm not saying that he is to this point but how do I talk to him about sex? I've noticed some videos come across on his computer so I am thinking that it is time to have "the talk" but I am not sure how to broach the subject.

I am an extremely open person and will answer any question that he may have on any topic to the fullest of my ability with nothing but understanding and the truth, but how do I bring this up to him....or do I wait until he says something? What if I wait and the kids at school talk to him and well something happens that would not be positive?

Also is there any other kids that are on psyotropic meds to treat the mood swings/irritability/aggression? He is on Latuda (psyctropic- generally used to treat schizophrenia), Trileptal (mood etc - generally used to treat seizures), and Intuniv (generally used to treat attention and impulsivity). I finally got him off the Lithium (mood/depression) and he seems to be doing better and I would like to get him off everything, not sure if that will ever happen, but I am always worried about giving medications to children.

Thank you
Worried, Candy
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