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The Language of Autism- please take time to read

I posted this in the autism forum, but I thought it would be worth reposting here as well as the adults with special needs forum.


The u-tube video opens up with a non verbal autistic 27 year old, and she is humming, flapping her hands, and playing with different things. Halfway through the video she explains her language through computerized voice software. I think towards the end of the video is the most powerful, where she mentions that "failure to learn your language is seen as a deficit, yet failure to learn my language is considered normal” And she goes on about how the rest of the world perceives such people to be non people because they cannot communicate in a certain way that conforms to society.
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And here's the link to her blog:
She picks out what the news reporters got innacurate. I also find her cliff analogy interesting.
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that first link is kinda cool.  You also had a you tube link about stress and stimming compareing NT's and AC's reaction to stress.   Watch it to the end and see if you can recognize the guy at the end of the video rocking back and forth!  
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I think this is the video you were talking about. I guess I forgot to post it here:

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