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Turn my Aspergers Vocal Volume Down

It seems all too often that my aspergers gets in the way of conversing with my fiancee. I interrupt him a lot. I change topics even if he's trying to speak on something important. And he expresses nervousness sometimes when I speak in my high volume voice. We are a bi racial couple (he is black and I am white) and he is often uncomfortable when it comes to most things when its common that African-Americans get wrongfully racially profiled regularly, but my vocal volume has been an on-going concern especially with warmer weather and the windows being open. He fears getting arrested if someone on our block hears me speaking loudly when we are only conversing and the furthest thing from a fight. I mean, apparently my voice echoed down the block last night while I was complaining about my hockey team not winning last night. He was on the phone outside  talking to his mom since it was nice out.

How can I be more conscious of my vocal volume and how can I manage any other conversational ticks, like interrupting that may come up?
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