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What Is Wrong With my son?

my son Sky is 16, he wants to be a girl and he does alot of very strange things, he plays with his poop, he runs around naked in his room alot with the door locked, he spends his money as soon as he gets it, he spends alot of time and money on his cars, (he has a Nissan Skyline that is like a fast and the furious car, a 300ZX and a 1964 Chevorlet Impala with hydraulics that he both bought) he wears diapers all the time (he dosent ever use an actual toilet) he stays up till around 6 in the morning everynight, (i woke up at 8am and he was still up playing Grand Theft Auto 5) he has thousands of video games that he bought, everybody else in the household listens to nothing but country music, but he blasts rap music and rock music, he loves animals and i let him buy a chinchilla, he likes burning things and he loves gasoline, he even pours it in a cup just so he can smell it, he keeps black widow spiders he finds in terrariums, he wears hairbows (his hair is down to his chest) he dresses very gothic (his room is also very gothic) and he dresses femanine whenever he feels like it, he even has pink pajama pants, he has gauges the size of a quarter, 2 lip piercings, a tongue piercing, and earrings, he just recently pierced his belly button, i adopted him and he has ADHD and Aspergers and Tourettes Syndrome, his real dad is Bipolar and so is his real grandmother who was an alcoholic, he has been through Lung Cancer when he was about 10, he was bullied numerous times in middle school (he is homeschooled now by choice) and he was put up for adoption at 13, i adopted him and we live out in the country, he has his bedroom next to his garage and a concrete blacktop with skate ramps and rails (we have alot of land) i have 2 other daughters one is 7 and the other is 18, he was very shy and quiet when i first brought him home, they come to me sometimes saying, Sky is doing something again!, and they both find him strange, (they call him weird but he is still very sweet to them) he is from a big city area, and he likes skateboarding, cars, video games, anime, pokemon and alot of other boyish things, he is a good and sweet kid but he does very strange things, HELP
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Hi there.  Well, my goodness.  that is quite a bit you are dealing with.  Does he see a therapist?  I'm sure you've had some intervention because of some of this, what do the experts say that you deal with?
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That does not sound like the signs of Asperger syndrome - at all. Aspies cannot stand to have long hair for instance, and at 16 we are all toilet trained and don't play with poop. I would go insane with piercings on my skin.

I would put a few rules on him, you should not have to listen to his blasting music all the time. And he should go to bed at reasonable hours.  

I assume he is followed by a psychologist??
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Not true I have asperges / autism

I have long hair
and i incontinence  that was caused by my autism

Were do u get that info from that  people with asperges  dont like long hair
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that is definitely Not Aspergers, he really needs to see someone. he sounds like he has had a hard life, and i think it is his way of coping with all that has happened in his life.
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That is asperges and autism
This is  autism
Expect for wanting to be a girl
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Sound like autism
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