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Why our kids make us chuckle

Sam is mad at his sister for touching one of his belongings.  My husband found this in the printer this morning.  Sam just turned 10 but I think he is going to follow in his father's footsteps.

This contract stipulates that Sarah must stop touching Samuel's personal belongings.  If she does not stop touching them, she will have to pay a fine equaling 50% of her stock portfolio (Sarah trades a small personal account that is beginning to intrigue Sam).  If she refuses to pay in cash then she must refrain from playing with my cat Jasper for one year.  If she fails to make that requirement, she will be given a restraining order to keep within 50 yards of said cat.  

This was followed with a signatory page

My husband says it needed work but he thought it was an impressive piece of contract for a 10 year old.    

Needless to say - we had an hour fight because he didn't want to write vocabulary sentences last night.  Go figure.

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Not a bad legal document!
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instead of vocabulary homework maybe his teacher would accept this contract, which i am sure is WAY more impressive than the words he needed to write
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I aggree with mtgoat911.  One way I got around doing boring vocab words was make some sort of story. I decided to have my english teacher get into some sort of "trouble", get a detention slip or get fired.  If I could use a vocab word in a sentence and make it related to the theme I mentioned, then I could get it done.  I don't know what the teacher thought of this all, but I think she got a good laugh off of it.
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I love it when these children come up with stuff like that. No other child would have thought to write something like that. LMAO!!!! :)

I am learning to love Asperger's
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