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aspergers or ADHD?

My son has been going to the mental health clinic for nearly a year and a half now; at first he was diagnosed with ADHD. He is currently on ADHD medications, and they do not seem to be helping. During one visit to his therapist he had a violent fit, and she decided that the symptoms I insisted he had and what she was seeing was symptomatic of Bi-Polar disorder. They refused to change his medications to reflect the new diagnosis. My child has the most horrible fits while he is at home. He throws everything off his bed, dumps everything out of his drawers, tears up his siblings things (books, toys, homework, etc), screams at the top of his lungs, and hits if anyone is close enough to be hit. When he is at school he seems to better control the violent raging fits; he seems to just meltdown when at school or in his group therapy settings. By melt down I mean that he refuses to talk or listen, he climbs under a desk or other objects so as to hide from the view of others, he curls up in the fetal position, and if left alone long enough he will fall asleep. He has an IEP, but I still get several phone calls a week from the school regarding his behavior.
Last time we saw his medication therapist I told her she needed to do something different with him before he hurt me or one of his siblings or himself. I am at my wits end, and honestly do not know what to do for this child. The medicine that he is on is still ADHD medicine; they refuse to change it unless they change it to another form of ADHD medicine. I practically got into a verbal altercation with this ARNP because she is not listening to me... I feel like my concerns are falling on deaf ears. I tell her some days it seems as though he is taking sugar pills (he bounces off the wall and nothing seems to slow him down or hold his concentration for longer than 3 minutes) other days he does nothing but sleep all afternoon from the time he gets home until I have to send him to bed because he refuses to eat dinner. She said that she would talk it over with the leading PhD on duty and give me a call back. When they finally returned my call they informed me they think it might be Asperger's syndrome and they are referring me out to one of the university hospitals in the state. Before I get there is there something I can do to help my son and the other members of our family so that we do no lose our minds before we know what is wrong with my child, and are there medications that can help with some of the aggressiveness of Aspergers syndrome????
Thanks for any and all help.
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So sorry to hear all that you are going through...  The behavior that you discribe, is exactly the behavior we experience with my step-daugher. We didn't know what was going on for years. She is now 21 years old, she is much better, however she still has episodes.

My husband (her father) and I after several years of marriage, sought help for ourselves as well, for he has communication problems. I told the Psyc Doctor that if I didn['t know better I would think my husband was Autistic, the Doc replied; "He is". This is when I learnt of Asperger's, after studing this disorder, we soon relized that our daughter suffered from the same.

Please read, the more you understand the better!  www.autismspeaks.com

Feelin' for you; Sonflower
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