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dealing with an adult child who has aspergers

I am looking for someone to talk with about aspergers syndrom in the adult child.  I have many unanswered questions and am looking for some support, can you help?
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I 'd be happy to answer your questions as best I can.
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I have a 21 year old (22 next month) with Aspergers. I'd be interested in having communication with someone else in my situation. She is at home with me. She has had a hard time taking any college classes and working. (is doing neither right now)
I'd be happy to hear your questions. I'll help if I can.
Take care,
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You may be interested in another great website where individuals and their families living with Asperger's Syndrome have found tremendous information as well having the ability to interact socially in its forums. Check ot this great website at...http://www.**************.net...you will be glad that you did!

Best regards.
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I have a 20 year old son who has just recently been diagnosed with aspergers and would love to talk with others, compare notes and offer support to others in the same situation.
My son sleeps all day, stays up all night on his computer and  has told me he is never leaving home. He failed misserably at school because everyone thought he was weird and the teachers did not understand. He is quite happy to go through life as long as he does'nt have to organise it.
I love him to bits and I want to understand him and help him (not quite so sure I want him living at home for ever though!!!!) and would love to talk with others in the same situation.
Look forward to hearing from you and best wishes to you. all
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i am a mother of a 18,5 yr old boy who was diagnosed with mild asbergers and would like to talk. i live in West sussex.
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Hi, yes I am happy to talk, sometimes it just helps when you hear of others in the same situation, and you can share stories.
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