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does my son have asperger's syndrome

my 8 year old son was diagnosed with Adhd when he was 4 since then things have changed with him or things i thought was because of his Adhd but now realise they arnt he is on a very high dose of medication which do seem to work for the Adhd symptoms but now you notice the strange things he does ie collects paper, stones shells anything like this he puts everything in bags or boxes and carrys them around, he doesn seem to understand danger will run in a road jump of things things you know will/can hurt him.
He hasnt got any friends in or out of school he gets on better with much younger children but still doesnt get on great with them he constantly winds people up for no reason doesnt understand spacial awareness chases girls even though they are screaming for him not to.
If he is speaking to you about something good he looks at you but if you are trying to speak to him about something he doesn want to talk about he wont look at you will turn his head put his hands over his eyes or roll them back into his head.
he cannot get dressed propperly everything is inside out back to front and twisted he cannot bath himself because he cant be left on his own he doesnt wipe his bottom properly. he eats like a toddler has it all over clothes face and hands
he is a happy child will laugh and smile (which made me think he didnt have autism)  until i did some research.
i saw the educational phycologist recently explained the things i have mentioned and he said he does sound like he has autistic symptoms then he saw my son and he thinks maybe he has a social communication issue and attachment disorder, i have spoken to disability database and she seems to think he is on the autism specrum somewhere, i just dont know what to do or where to turn any1 please help
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