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is aspergers a disability?

My son is twenty five years old and was wrongly diagnosed as a child. I was called into a meeting when he was in second grade with the principle, the guidance counselor, his teacher and they all said that he has some sort of emotional problems. They strongly suggested that I take him for counseling. At the time I was reluctant to believe that anything was wrong with him, other than him being to shy.

His dad and I reluctantly took him to a counselor and we were told that he was a normal kid with some emotional issues. I knew something wasnt right with him and began reading books on OCD. I figured that was what he had. I worked with him but he still had the social inabilities. and he was getting bullied in school.

Honestly I just thought that he was quiet, shy and had OCD. He made it through high school and even went to college although he struggled he graduated from college with a two year degree in computerated drafting. He immediately went out to find a job and was unable to ever get past the interviews.

By the time he was in high school I knew he had aspergers because by then it was more known. and I diagnosed him myself. I also realized that my dad had it too. My son had every classic symptom , however I didnt send him for a clinical diagnosis because I had read that most people with aspergers do not want to change. My son was a great kid, he was quiet , easy going. He had no signs of adhd. He was getting through high school, college, and he even got his drivers license. He started working part-time at a local super market when he was eighteen and he kept working there through college. Recently however he had a melt down at work.

To my knowledge that was the first meltdown he had in a public place. They had to settle him down, and call the police and an ambulance. Later when I asked him what happened he said he got angry. I asked what he got angry about and he said that he was mad at some kid from high school who apparently stole some stuff from him.
I figured he was holding onto a resentment But did not understand why he was still angry.

At this point we had him clinically diagnosed with the aspergers and he quit his job.
We filed for disability benefits since his medical insurance will be gone when he turns 26 and since he was having so much difficulty working around the public and also he had difficulty on every job interview he went on due to social skills lacking.
My question is has anyone with aspergers ever been able to collect social security disability benefits and or received any compensation that would go back to childhood since he was misdiagnosed.?

and help- would be greatly appreciated. My son wants to work and he is still trying to find a job but if he could get any compensation or help it would be a big help to him. He is an adult now and I feel that I am acting as his advocate. I love my son and want to help him in any way but I also want to him to start being able to do these things on his own.

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