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is my some autistic ?

my son shows sighns of madness to be blunt he is scary and has  multible personalities they say he is ADHD but im sure i think he has other disorders please help he is a clever well looked after boy of 14 on ritalin for adhd but to no effect he has no friends gets bullied and its making me ill as he wants to be alone a lot of the time raws pictures of death and guns a lot and hides things he never showes any emotions and has trouble interacting with his peers
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If you are scared of your son and he is showing signs of violence, hallucinations, delusions, or extreme variances in behavior, I would suggest you take him to a doctor for an evaluation. It could be a social disorder or it could be something more.
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Please take your son to a specialist in psychiatric disorders ASAP. The boy clearly has one or more psychiatric disorders and he cannot help that. It will NOT get better by itself. Don't wait and don't let doctors put him on meds without continous supervision!! He needs to be checked up on frequently. It is worth the trouble and the cost to take his problems seroiusly.
Wish you luck!
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I have an asperger daughter whom is 20, she is also violent off and on since 6 yrs old. She also has personality disorder and mood disorder with seizure disorder. She is getting worse the older she gets. I am terrified for her and for my safety. She is constantly in and out of psychiatric hospitals. She is on carbatrol, lamictal geodon, zyprexia,caprex(clonodine). It works some off the time after taking it and seems to wear off. She was in a personal care home for 3 days then they said needed higher level of care. I quit my job to take care full time. Still problems even with psychotherapy. Blows my mind and Im a nurse studing to be a doctor. Any ideas??
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Dear Stacy, I have two children, now 32 and 34 with Asperger's syndrome and ADHD and they still need a lot of attention. They both take anti-depressants and one of them takes ritalina. I have not been able to work full time for the last 15 years because of their disorders. Medication and cognitive therapy has slowly improved the situation, but it is still not ok.

I am no expert, but my experience tells me that I can't trust everything the doctors tell us. I sometimes have questioned both treatment and diagnosis and I have had to fight for help. (We live outside of the US).

So in your case I can't help thinking about the following:

Are you sure she is getting the right meds and are they administered by the same doctor?
Do you know how the meds interact with one another?
If you haven't already: Can you inspire your daughter to try a diet free of sugar, wheat and dairy products for some time? It may help.. My kids go nuts if they eat sugar, drink alcohol and eat white bread.

(I may be useful to look up alternative treatments for schizofrenia and autism.)

Good luck!
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