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i posted this question on the doc forum, no answer
can anyone help?

i am a memeber of a social group for kids with aspergers, a few months ago a few of the mothers were talking about their children taking clonidine
the moms noticed favorable results, i am familiar with this drug, i did not know that developmental pediatric doctors, are now putting aspie kids on clonidine,
how do you feel about this?
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First I'd like to find out the side effects and potential health risks. Is it one that can lead to TD?  I did a wikipedia entry and didn't see that listed, but I saw fatigue and potential effects on blood pressure be a potential bother.

If it doesn't have adverse reactions, it may be useful. I'm a bit concerned on the blood pressure part. For me, I have normal to low blood pressure, so dropping it lower probably isn't a good thing.  For someone who has high blood pressure, then this med may be more okay to use.  

I think when considering meds, make sure to reearch, find out the side effects and weigh out the pros and cons.
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My son was on Tenex for awhile - it does the same thing.  It helps control the impulsiveness - does noting for attentiveness.  It is sometimes used for ADHD.  We thought it was helpful.  Since it isn't psychotropic we didn't see any strange behaviors.
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