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need advice please

I am a concerned mother of 7. Recently i have had my 8 yr old diagnosed with ADHD and my 6 yr old diagnosed with aspergers syndrome both diagnoses were done with a peadiatrition that i really respect as he was my peadiatrition when i was younger. Both of these children have alot more behavior issues than any of my other children. What i would like from anyone that replies is any suggestions as to help with either of these conditions. I dont have much info on aspergers so any coping ideas would truly help.The only thing that the step father and i have done is have both of us stay at home with these children to spend more time with them than go to work.
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Regarding Aspergers.  Click on the Health Page icon on the top right hand corner of this forum page.  On the Health Page I posted the diagnostic criteria for autism and I have asked parents to post examples of behaviour.  Have a look at it to see if it helps you get a better understanding of what his difficulties are and in which areas.  As Aspergers is part of the spectrum of autistim it means that each child is affected differently and to differing degrees.  So you need to almost prioritise your sons difficulties through the perspective of the diagnostic criteria.
The only difference between the criteria for an autistic spectrum disorder and the 'aspergers' part of it is that those with aspergers have a typical speech/language development and it is accepted that they have some imagination.  However every single person I have ever communicated with who had aspergers has said that although their speech appears very capable they do tend to have language processing problems and literal interpreation of language.
So first have a look at the Health Page and then post back with what areas you thing he struggles in most.
Also let us know what country you are in.
What type of school he goes to and what professionals are involved with him and what supports they are providing at present.
I cannot comment on ADHD as I don't know enough about it.  If you don't get info on this forum you might need to post again on the ADHD forum.  But you can start by googling DSM IV for ADHD and that will give you the diagnostic criteria for that disorder.
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You dont say what Meds these children are taking they are sometimes the c ause of more behavioral problems I would suggest you take a look , put in side effects and the name of the Drug and see if you get any input from it.
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yes, please let us know what medication they are taking, i have alot of experience with different medication, as an adult and as a child, both my 9 yr old and i have aspergers and adhd, perhaps when i get back from vacation i can get more information on what you are going through.
each child or adult is different so the solution to their problems will vary
you can begin by listing each childs symptoms, tackle the symptoms that cause the most problems
my sons symptoms were a mile long, it took 3 years of behavioral modification, and we have that list down to a manageable amount
hopefully with help your husband can go back to work and you can take a few months to help your children adjust to life with learning disibilities
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