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not getting much help!

Hi, my son is now 8 but he has had difficulties since about 2. He is seeing a psych but we were there today and to be honest I felt he liked to hear himself talking more than listening to what I had to say. My sons symptoms are didnt talk until after 2(we thought he was deaf, not so), terrified of loud noises when smaller, could read almost as soon as could talk(reads at an advanced level now), talks about only what he is into and not in a conversation he talks at you not with you. He would be OVERLY sensitve about others feelings and worry to the extreme. At almost 9 yrs he would not wait in the car alone for any time without a complete breakdown. He is social to some extent and plays with other kids in school now(not always the case, after 3 yrs in 1 school we had to take him out because of severe bullying and the teachers saying he was constantly playing "imagination games". These games are a huge part of his life but take second place to his constant arm and hand flapping in front of his face while running or moving in specific patterns(ie from 1 point to the next and back again inthe same line). He has a fantastic imagination and loves to write stories but he also loves to line things up eg cards toys etc. He has suffered from unexplained stomach pains for 2 years. The psych today said that he felt it couldnt be aspergers as he is social in school(my brother has aspergers and I can see a lot of the traits in my son). I think it is aspergers along with adhd. Any advice????????????????
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I agree the psych is not being very helpful.  I think there is a very real possiblity for aspergers or PDD nos.  For PDD nos/aspergers, not every trait related to autism is expressed and there may be crossovers that seem characteristic to other things like ADHD.  I'm pretty much all over the spectrum when it comes to varrious things. (at least my grandma believes this)  Makes me wonder if I had your psych, if they would rule me out too because of whatever?
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I'd also have that stomach pains complaint looked into by that child's doctor. I believe your if your son is complaining regularly about stomach upsets, there is real pain causing it, not that he is making it up... as doctors may like to think if they can't find an easy solution.
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I agree that this sounds very much like Asperger's.  My daughter's pscyh didn't realize it either, it was finally her pediatrician who mentioned it when she was 7.  A behavioral psychologist may be a better place to get a diagnosis.  If you are in the US, you need to ask the school to do an evaluation so you can get an IEP and extra help there.  Good luck to you.
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Thanks for your reply. We have been seeing this psych since nov. I spent 2 hours with him yesterday and he said that because my son is social it COULDNT be aspergers. Incidently, my brother who is 15 has aspergers and he would have it to the extreme and wouldnt be social and has all the classic traits. As I am writing this I can hear my son in the other room and he is having a major flapping episode while making "explosion" sounds!!!!!!!!!. The psych was more onto the fact my son CANNOT stay still for a second and this led him to say adhd. I dont disagree that there are definate signs of hyperactivity but having looked up criteria for adhd he doesnt really have the lack of attention required to meet the criteria. In fact, just the opposite. He hates to leave a task half done, loves school etc. We arent in the US and things are done a bit different here, the psych actually visited the school to see how my son interacts with other kids etc. He said that he watched my son playing well with other children so it couldnt be aspergers and that he has a fantastic imagination which also rules out aspergers. He has ordered an IQ test(the relevance of which I'm not sure as we already know he is very bright). Time and again, the psych is alluding to the flapping being a "habit" and that perhaps because is is so bright that he is doing it because he is bored!!. Any ideas???????????????????
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Yes, I have an idea--go to another doctor!   How does having a fantastic imagination rule out Asperger's?  This dr. doesn't know what he's talking about!  Aspie's live in this fantastic imagination!  ADHD traits are commonly found with Aspie's, and they often hyperfocus.  You need to find someone who truly understands Asperger's.  "Normal" kids do not flap in the first place for it to become a habit.  The fact that you have an Aspie in your family makes it highly likely your son is.  It is so frustrating to me how many people don't get it.
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I beg to differ with the assumption autistics/aspergers have no imagination. I believe that to be a myth that needs to be discounted.

MaryannesMom, I agree with your statement.

I AM autistic and I HAVE an imgination.  Feel free to follow my walmart link to my other stuff.  I believe that people with autism/aspergers may have an even more active imagination tham most people.  With me, when I imagine something, I can play it like an animated video clip and "hear" dialogue and minipulate the characters actions, setting, etc. I used to think everyone was that way but it appears not.  Perhaps the reason why professionals are so confused, is because they can't see into the autistic person's head.

Not every autistic person chooses to let the world know what they are seeing/imagining in their head. Not every autisitc is able to let others see a glimpse into their world.  I think with people like me who are able to express our thoughts, it is important for us to get our word out and help break some of these myths and misconceptions.
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