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3 yr old recurrent chest infections

Hi my daughter has been having serious chest infections for the past 2 yrs, she has been diagnosed with asthma but drs say there probably another underlying issue as she is hospitalised (often in ICU/HDU) every 3-4 weeks she gets different lobe collapses and had pneumonia twice. she has had  tests such as immune, cf and reflux tests they did find that she has silent reflux but after endoscopy showed no evidence of damage and biopsy was clear they have near ruled reflux out. She had a bronchoscope about 6 months ago also and this also showed nothing but  I went to a Respiratory specialist in another state for second opinion and he did a bronchoscope and was surprised to find I will put Dr's findings and words here "The findings from bronchoscopy are most interesting and unusual. This findings is not likely to explain all of her respiratory problems. However, it is interesting to note that this segmental bronchus supplies the region with the most marked peribronchial thickening on the most recent plain film", I explained to her Paed here what the Specialist had found and he denies this being there when he looked but Specialist who found this assures me this is not something that quickly pops up. Anyway after this finding we have now been referred to a reputable childrens hospital for more testing and ct Specialist at this hospital has said they are considering that this could be bronchiolitis obliterans but may not be as my daughter is well in between attacks and is above average in height and weight. It is obvious to me that these attacks get severe from viral. I am truly concerned that there maybe nothing that can be done to stop these attacks as she has had several different types of preventers with no change. She rarely gets asthma in between attacks she does when excited or running around in cold air outside and ventolin is very effective. I should add that  she is in hospital usually for 3-5 days.
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