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Allergic reactions but no allergy

I have what appear to be allergic reactions but have been diagnosed as not having allergies.  My allergist/immunologist cannot find anything I am actually allergic to.

When I eat certain foods, I come out in a blotchy rash and sweat.  My heart races and I feel hot all over. I have diarrhea every morning, although this may be because I am eating a lot of bananas as they don't react with me.

It only happens with particular foods and the list of foods I react to is growing.  I can eat other foods with no problem.

An allergist/immunologist has not been able to find any allergies.  So I am at a loss as to what is happening to me.  I am worried there is something else wrong such as some sort of cancer or something.

Full Blood Count blood test came back normal.  Test for Celiac came back normal.  We are still awaiting results to Helicobacter Pylori breath test, and bloods for auto-immune disease.   I get those results next week.

I feel generally quite unwell every day and it affects my working and family life.

Do you know what else I could ask my doctor to look for?

Thank you.
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