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Allergy concern! Rash on lips!

Less than a year ago my lips broke out in weird pimples/bumps. I had just started using chapstick (I usually use blistex), so I figured that might have been the cause of the reaction. It went away in about two weeks.

About a month and a half ago, I had put vaseline on my lips because they were really chapped. My lips broke out again in the weird pimples. I had also used a lipstick, so I figured it was a reaction to the lipstick because i thought vaseline was harmelss. They went away shortly.

A month ago I used vaseline again (thinking it was safe), and I got the pimples again! Sometimes they're pimples and sometimes they're dark red blotches. I decided to not put anything at all on them, and let them heal. Except they still haven't gone away! My lips were so chapped that I put blistex medicated ointment on it last night (which i have used before and assumed to be okay), and when i woke up this morning there are red blothces all over my lips!! I also want to mention that I drank a big thing of propel fitness water last night, and i saw online that sometimes people get reactions to splenda (sucralose). Could it have been a reaction to the splenda in it? i'm so confused! i'm going to try to make an appt with a doctor in a few days. all the dermatologists aren't taking patients. HELP!!
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These lesions, limited to your lips, strongly suggest a contact dermatitis.  And, yes, petrolatum, the major ingredient in Vaseline
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