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Allergy shots triggering reactions, good or bad?

I am only looking for a second opinion based on facts known about allergy shots. I am not sure if my doctor is worried about hurting me or if I am totally wrong. I seem to benefit more when it was strong enough to trigger a small controllable reaction 4-6 minutes after an injection. 2 hours later when the reaction wore off I felt GREAT!

This question is if they are triggering a reaction does that mean that they will not work as well? They slowed me down and I don't have reactions now, but I don't feel the improvements any more like I used to a few hours after a triggered reaction. Like when you get out of a colder pool on a cool day the cooler air feels warm compared to the cold water in the pool. So my regular allergies were nothing compared to the reaction of the shots. That made the regular allergies go completely away for a while. I didn't need antihistamine the next day. What is your personal opinion on this. Thank you.
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While the histamine depletion from this "small controllable reaction" gave you temporary relief, this is potentially a very dangerous situation.  The smaller reactions can escalate into a major anaphylactic reaction without warning and you will be in a life threatening situation.  These smaller reactions are to be avoided as they indicate a risk.
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I am talking about only a "Non-Systemic" reaction.

Just an example...
Before the shot - no rhinitis. 5 minutes later spontaneously they have rhinitis similar to as if they were in a field of rag weed pollen.

Three questions based on this example.
A. Would a sudden sinus change like above count as a reaction?
B. Would this sudden change affect the benefits of the immunology desensitization?
C. Would too much antigen have a negative effect with immunology desensitization?

If yes, why don't doctors let people take shots 5 times a week for faster results?

Thank you.
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This question is based on the answer above if applies.

If (yes) beneficial why don't doctors let people take shots 5 times a week for faster results?

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