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Can inflammation of the nostrils or the septum cause nasal singing?

About a year ago, I lost my singing voice because my singing started to be really nasal when approaching higher notes (which was new) and I started to experience decreased breathing inefficiency.  I recently had surgery to correct my deviated septum (both nostrils were very close to each other allowing decreased air flow) and cysts in my sinus cavities as well as a sinus infection and they also performed a rhinoplasty on my nose to help me breathe better.  I am slowly breathing better, but they say the rhinoplasty will leave my nose inflammed inside for a while and my singing is still nasal.  Do you think inflammation in that area can cause nasal singing? Thanks.
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I am not a voice expert but believe that I can say with reasonable assurance that alteration (including chronic inflammation) of any anatomical segment of the upper respiratory tract could potentially alter one’s voice.  There are physicians who specialize in voice disorders and you might, after first checking with your ENT physician for a referral, want to visit the following website:  http://www.voiceproblem.org/resources/howtofind.php

You might also want to visit the Mayo Clinic Website that describes in great detail, the Mayo approach to voice disorders.  http://www.mayoclinic.org/voice-disorders/

I hope this helps.

Good luck
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