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Could a food allergy cause a chronic itchy rash?

I've been experiencing chronic rashes which start on my stomach right under my breasts, sometimes it's localized there but now I have red itchy bumps all over my legs and right arm, back and chest.  The bumps are tiny, red and raised, they never scab, ooze or come to a head.  The rashes come and go and vary in severity but it always starts on my stomach and under my breasts. I can't pinpoint a cause.  I use the same detergents, lotions and soaps and seem to have rashes and not have them while using the same products, so I don't think its those.  Could this be caused by a food allergy?  I have hypothyroidism and have read about others having the same unexplained rashes.  
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You have provided a good description of your rash.  Unfortunately, it is generally not possible to make a diagnosis of a skin disorder in this forum but I very much doubt that your rash is a reflection of food allergy.  Rashes on this part of one’s body are often related to excessive moisture, especially during the summer months and keeping the area as dry as possible might help.   As you suggest,  contact dermatitis is another strong possibility and you should keep searching for a cause that might not be readily evident.  

Good luck
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