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ENT vs Pulmonologist?

I have always had allergies and in my teens did the shots. I am 42 now and I was fine until Jan 1 of this year 2.5 years after moving to Texas from Wisconsin. I literally woke up and could not breathe. Since then I have been to the doctor monthly for a dexamethasone shot and either a prednisone or a methylprednisolone course. My (3rd) family doctor want me to see a pulmonologist but I swear its not my lungs. I have been told, bronchitis, reactive airway disease and asthma but nothing for sure just "possibly".  I will give you the run down.. symptoms runny nose, watery/itchy eyes, sore throat, ear pain, horrible pressure on my palette, constant swallowing and a cough that is now considered chronic that is productive of clear phlegm and is formed in tiny balls/maggots? (sorry) or if I take the steroid I can cough up huge yellow inch long mucus plugs. I take Allegra, Zyrtec, Claritin, Flonase and singular, albuterol nebs and inhaler, also famotidine 2x daily I was on advair for 2months and he said stop because it did nothing for me other than change sputum from slimy to chunky and is quite pricey for no results. For kicks and giggles I have started taking garden of life immune sinus balance and clearlungs which I can honestly say for a month I felt a little different 20min after taking the herbal stuff but not so much anymore. Now the fun part last Oct I took a position that did not offer benefits why you ask? because I paid for insurance for 20 years and never used it other than a yearly physical and the position I took allowed me to go back to school. Yeah I know its Karma! I take the Pepcid in case it is reflux induced.  If any one is able to help me with this I would be extremely grateful.
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I would disagree with your statement that, “.. it’s not my lungs.”  You clearly have the symptoms (runny nose and itchy eyes) of allergic rhinitis ( hay fever)but what you describe suggests that, in addition, you have allergic asthma, likely to be complicated by an allergic fungal disorder of the lungs called Allergic Bronchopulmonary Mycosis, a disease that for the most part is associated with the underlying asthma.  I sympathize with your not having health insurance but what you are experiencing is serious and I suggest that you take your family doctor’s advice and seek consultation with a Pulmonologist.

Good luck
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Thank you, I will call in the morning.

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