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Food Allergies--Negative?

In March of 2008 I had my first allergic reaction. I had hives, anaphylaxis--the whole nine yards. I was taken to the ER, and given a shot of steroids. Since then, I've been slowly narrowing down the offensive foods--which so far include the following:

I have had major reactions to all of these foods....or at least it has seemed that way. However, because my back test was inconclusive (my skin is uber sensitive), I was given a RAST test--and I came back negative for all food allergies. How is this possible? What else could it be? My allergist told me he thought I was making the whole thing up and that I could have challenges if I wanted, but he didn't think it was necessary. I am at a loss.

I'm still avoiding those foods because I KNOW that I reacted to them (or sometime around them). I also KNOW that I feel better avoiding them.

Who should I see next? Where do I go from here? I also have sporadic numbness and tingling of my hands and feet, dizzy spells of weakness, migraines, increased acne (never had it at all pre-baby), and anxiety over the silliest and most trivial things. This has also all started since I had my daughter in September 2007.

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True, the RAST tests may still be less sensitive than the skin tests.  You hit on the issue yourself with your comment that it was the foods or something else around the same time.  The truth is that food challenges would not be unreasonable and could help weed out what’s a real problem and what isn’t.  You should be evaluated for mast cell disorder.  You would be appropriate to be evaluated at National Jewish Health, if it is feasible for you to travel to Denver, Colorado where you would be seen on an outpatient basis for a week or 2.
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I too am battling the unknown cause of hives,I have been cutting out Sweetners also I had dental work done and it flared up and got worse aftert hat I have wondered about the Numbing agents ie Novocaine, the Dentist said it was nothing to do with the Denistry and gave me antibiotics.I have tried taking Benedryl it just made me feel ill and drowsy and every Hydrocortisone cream out there. It is hot where I live so I know the Sun does not help it but it is severe today and I havent been out.Any ideas or Remedys, I read apple cider Vinegar helps but it just soothed it for a short time.
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Did u have any allergic reaction for beef, soy ........, before you got that allergic reacion what did you eat, atleast for the last 5 hours before u got it. My sister who lives overseas she didnt have any problems with strawberries, but last year when she came to visit me she had this severe allergic reaction after she had some strawberries, u know why the fruits overseas is still organic, they dont use that much of chemicals as we do here in the USA, so your problem as I think its not with strawberries or beef, its with the bunch of chemicals were used in it. thats why your RAST test came negative. So go for organic food it might help

hopefully this information will help u.
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My daughter has symptoms of Swelling on Lips, Fingers, Toes and Under Foot. Excpet on lips the other sweelings are itchy. She used to have bronchial asthma very regularly and it is not there. She is eleven years old. Usually this symptoms are manifested when constipation is experienced. She has abdominal pain, very light fever.

And it always occur when she takes Lays Chips and things like that.

What could be the reasons and remedies. She is eleven years old.
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