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Help me understand my PFT results

I have Lupus and just had PFTs what does all this mean , my doctor is out of town

Spirometry showed a forced vital capacity of 3.5 L which is 95% of predicted and FEV1 2.8 L which is 96% of predicted. FEV1/FVC is 81% the mid flow rates are moderately decreased. Significant improvement seen in mild flow rates with administration of bronchodilater.

THe lung volume shows normal vital capacity and total lung capacity . The functional residual capacity is severely impaired.
The diffusion is midely impaired but when corrected to alveolar volume it is normal.

1. Spirometry and flow volume loop show small airway disease. Significant improvement seen in mid flow rates with administration of bronchodilator
2. Lung volumes show significcantly decreased functional residual capacity , but otherwise normal
3. the diffusion is midly impaired, but when corrected to aleveolar volume it is normal

what is wrong with my lungs?!
and why is my lung volume show significantly decreased functional capacity and diffusion is midly impaired but when corrected to alevelar volume is normal? what does this all mean?!
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