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Introducing the Asthma Tracker


We're pleased to announce the Asthma Tracker, the seventeenth in a series of Personal Health Applications (PHAs) geared towards helping our members keep track of health metrics, symptoms, treatments, test results and events.

With the asthma tracker, you can track your peak flow readings and the number of inhaler puffs taken. You can also track symptoms such as rapid pulse, coughing and anxiety, as well as when you have wheezing attacks. In addition, you'll be able to track medications and treatments including inhaled steroids and short- and long-acting bronchodilators.

You can also email the tracker to your doctor or print the chart to take to your doctor appointments.

You can access the Asthma Tracker by clicking on the "Trackers" link at the top of the Asthma community, from My MedHelp or by going directly to http://www.medhelp.org/trackers/list/117 or http://www.medhelp.org/land/asthma-chart .

We plan on adding more functionality to the Asthma Tracker over the next few weeks and would love to get your suggestions and feedback. If you want to track a specific symptom or event, let us know. Please post your comments in the MedHelp Suggestions community, accessible via My Shortcuts.
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