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Palpable preauricular nodes?? What are the causes?


I am wondering what are the various causes of having palpable preauricular nodes, the nodes that are right in front of your ears? I woke up the other morning and noticed when I pulled on my earlobes, that there were bumps on each side that aren't visible without pulling on my lobes but I can feel them when I do and I tested them by putting my fingers on my jaw/cheek line and opening and closing my jaw and got that clicking feeling.  This is the second morning in a row that this has been this way. I am wondering if this is ALWAYS caused by something viral or can very irritated eyes also produce this affect? I don't think I have conuncitvitis, bacterial, viral or otherwise, because my eyes are not very red, ust irritated and no noticable discharge either. I have a bad dust mite and cat dander allergy, both of which have been very present in my current living situation and usually have itchy eyes at night and in the morning as well as a sleu of other allergy symptoms-sneezing, coughing, chest/nasal/sinus congestion and I currently have lip eczema that has persisted over the last few months (i have a history of skin problems and think it is being brought on by stress.)  I have read that upper respitory infections can also cause the preauricular nodes to enlarge/become palpable.  Besides these things, what commons causes are there for this?  I'm wondering if it is significant that I have had ongoing allergies for a while now and have not as of yet been taking any meds for them.  I am wondering if this as well could cause the nodes to eventually enlarge.  
Any advice or insight would be appreciated.
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Any inflammatory reaction in your forehead, around your eyes or ears can cause drainage to occur and cause this swelling.  You may notice it more after lying down because of the way gravity pulls the drainage and it pools.  If this is something that is of concern, you can see your physician to determine the cause of this swelling.  The fact that it goes down regularly is a good sign.
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Thanks so much for your input.  Doing searches about this stuff on the internet just tends to pull up a bunch of scary stuff, when I'm kind of overlooking the fact that my allergies are totally out of control!  My eyes are itching on a daily basis and it gets worse in the shower when they are irritated by the water.  I didn't know whether this allergy stuff was a contributing factor.
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