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Popped blister in nose??

I went to the doctor yesterday for a sore throat and some swollen lymph nodes on the right side of my neck...he said looks viral.  Got home and nose started to hurt on right side, looked and it is all red and some broken skin so makes me think that a blister in my nose popped.  Of course the doctor did not look at my nose so I dont want to go back.  It looks pretty bad in there though all red and a little swollen and under where the blister was there is a little white head.  I figured it could be from a couple things so you tell me if I need to go see the doctor again for this....

1. Part of the viral infection
2. From my nasal spray that I use (Flunisolide 0.025% 2 times a day in each nostril)    
3. My daughter has had a mild staph infection that keeps coming back but hers are on her skin and they are just little red spots.  So maybe now I have a staph infection in my nose?  I used her nasal cream but so far 2 uses and it has not helped.

Any of these sound like they couold be the reason?  I have never had this happen before.  

Thanks for your help!
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A sore throat, with swollen lymph nodes, is as likely to be a Strep throat as it is to be a viral infection.  Whatever the infecting agent, it is likely to be causing your nasal redness and symptoms; this is very unlikely to be related to the nasal spray.  On the other hand, given your daughter’s problem you too could have a staph infection and/or be a staph carrier.  You should be checked for this.

Give this another couple of days to improve and if it doesn’t you should be reexamined and your nose and throat cultured for strep and staph.
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Thank you for your response.  I am not getting better and I think my lymph nodes are getting larger and they are starting to make my jaw and neck hurt and burn.  My neck has been itchy too not sure what that is all about.  I did use my daughters nasal cream for the staph infection for 7 days and I still have the nasal redness and a little white bump (looks like a pimple in my nostril).  My eyes are burning also but that has only happened tonight.  This usually happens when i have a fever but just checked my temp and I dont have one so maybe allergies?  I dont know what to think of all this.  My lymph nodes have been swollen slightly since I had bronchitis 4 months ago.  I wonder if I am just getting sick over and over.  

Anyways I am taking multi vitamins and drinking OJ every morning so hopefully I can get my immune system up!!!
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