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Possible Exercise-induced asthma?

I'm active duty military and I've been in for a total of about three years.
I'm fit, 5'11 160 lbs. resting heart rate is at 52-58 bpm, I eat healthy.
I'm from mississippi and now I'm currently in minot, ND.

Starting in 2012 I had been having problems with running, not being able to complete a 1.5 mile in under 13:36.

When I run I can't breath after 3 minutes of running sometimes I can go 10 minutes before the
Shortness of breath
Chest tightness or pain
Fatigue during exercise
Poor athletic performance

My legs feel like they can keep going but my brain is telling me something is wrong, I'm gasping for breath and I just feel drained.

I told my primary care about this and she put me on paxil and said I have an anxiety disorder? 4 months ago and I still have issues.

I recently switched doctors because I had no faith in the one I had, I told Her straight up I have all the symptoms of EIA, all she heard was "asthma" and she didn't agree, she just said "asthma", I was telling her I don't have problems outside of heavy exercise.

She referred me off base after I had a low 300s peak flow test with her to get a PFT test done which consisted of me sitting at rest, blowing into the thing and then I had a methacholine challenge.

I'm positive the test will come back negative for asthma because I only have issues with running, not sitting at rest.

Should I switch doctors again? according to multiple google sources I should have had a exercise challenge test to test for EIA. I told the nurse/tech giving the pft exam I only have problems exercising . I feel ignored and aparently EIA must not even be an actual medical problem if all these people are oblivious.

I'm being discharged because I've failed 4 pt in a row. I feel like this is unfair and I should atleast be medically discharge, not thrown out because I can't meet pt standards...
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What you describe is not entirely consistent with EIA as the symptoms you have listed, all consistent with EIA generally are experienced, not during the first few minutes of exercise, but several minutes following cessation of exercise.  But, then again, not every person’s EIA follows the classical pattern.

With EIA, the methacholine challenge may be positive or negative.  A negative challenge would not rule-out the diagnosis.  Nor would a positive methacholine challenge confirm the diagnosis.

Your symptoms might even have nothing to do with lung function.  Heart disease, for example some type of cardiomyopathy resulting in “pump failure” could also cause the same symptoms.

The best way to assess your situation would be for your doctors to conduct an exercise challenge with monitoring of airflow, heart rate and the presence or absence of abnormal heart rhythms.  This testing should be performed in a safe environment, should the problem prove to be cardiac rather than pulmonary.

Good luck,
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