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Problems after ESS
My wife had endoscopic sinus surgery about a year ago to remove an infection.
The surgery ended up being quite extensive. She has had persistent severe head and face aches since surgery.  
Her post-op pain subsided somewhat after surgery, but was replaced by gradually worsening face and head pain.
At various times the pain has been worse upon laying down, bending down and with any sort of activity.
Only in the last two months has the pain begun to subside a little, but it is still severe.
Several months after surgery, she developed a burning sensation on her body that varies in severity and location.
No rash is visible, but her skin feels warm or hot in the areas where she feels the sensation.
Also, several months after surgery, she began to have the feeling that food and pills become stuck in the throat.
A swallow study showed that she is swallowing fine, but the feeling persists.
About 7 months after surgery several cysts were identified in the throat which are in contact with the epiglottis.
Since surgery, she also has had a lot of sinus drainage into the throat.
A skin allergy test showed that she is allergic to a wide range of allergens and a blood test showed a high IgE level.
At times her adenoidal tissues have been very inflamed.
To further complicate things, a sinus culture 1 to 2 months after surgery showed positive for fungus and then a mycobacteria M. Chelonae.
She was treated for a time with Fluconazole and Clarythromycin, but has had no antibiotics or antifungals except for Nystatin swish and swallow which seemed to conincide with the improvement in her head/face pain.
We have not gotten many answers from the doctors we have seen.
She has been treated for anxiety in case some of these symptoms are psychological, but this has not helped.
We just want to get her symptoms under control to improve her quality of life.
If you have any suggestions, know of any niche specialists that might help, we would greatly appreciate the advice.
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I am so sorry to learn of what you and your wife have had to endure this past year.  Her pain could be on the basis of nerve irritation from either the infection, that necessitated the surgery, or the surgery itself.  It would be important to determine if there is any lingering sinus or other facial infection, perhaps even localized, that could be responsible for the pain and then treating it until it is completely eradicated.  In the circumstance of persistent infection, consultation with an Infectious Disease Specialist would be advisable.  In addition, consultation with an academic University Associated or large clinic associated (for example the Mayo clinic) ENT specialist with a special interest and expertise in post-operative pain management might also be a way to approach the diagnosis and relief of your wife’s pain.

In the circumstance of chronic nerve inflammation, consultation with an Anesthesiologist, a sub-specialist in pain management, could also be useful.  It is conceivable that with mapping of the nerves involved by either the pain specialist or a neurologist could allow for consideration of blockage of the pain receptors.

In this circumstance, it would be most reasonable to seek and obtain the assistance of the sinus surgeons, who performed your wife’s surgery, in locating nationally recognized physicians with the expertise required to relieve the pain and very possibly the other symptoms associated with it.  I also suggest that you contact the American College of Otolaryngology to seek their assistance as they are likely to have databases that would lead you to the desired individuals.  http://www.entnet.org/

I wish I could be of greater assistance but I hope these suggestions will get you started in the right direction.

Good luck
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