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I dont know what it is but I have this weird rash on my upper lip. It appeared out of nowhere after a day with the family at a arcade, we ate there and everything. But the next day I felt something that felt like a scab on my lip and I ignored it until later that day when it started to itch. Now it has spread from the middle of my upper lip to the whole lip and a little above it. It feels as if it is dryin out but it doesn't seem to go away. I can give to a slight descrition of it without a picture, when you are up close you can see the bumps they are very close together and very small, when I run my tongue across them they feel scaly and scaby like. Not to mention again that they itch.

I hope that you can help me because I am really gettin worried about this.
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From your description this sounds like it may be Herpes simplex.  However you will need to be seen by and examined by a health care provider to know for sure.
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without seeiing it it is hard to say, but 2 out of 4 of my kids had a rash that started out in one part of their mouth. the outter part of the lips, my 9 year old was all around and they said it was empitago (not sure I spelled it right) my 4 year old just started with a half circle and I started to treat it.
my 9 year old's was nfected so they had to give him anitbiotic oinment and my youngest sons was just strating out and they told me to put neosporian on it 3-4 times a day.
good luck with whatever it may be
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