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Reaction to Tap Beer

Hello. Is it possible to be unable to drink tap beer but be ok with bottled beer?
In the last 12 months I have been getting violently ill after drinking tap beer. I will get home after being at the pub with friends and wake up in the middle of the night very very sick, vomiting prefusely usually until about midday. Its not that I am drinking too much. It has occurred after only 4 or 5 beers. I had a few tap beers the other day, then went to dinner and had to run to the bathroom and was very sick. Generally i start getting a bloated feeling (common with beer), but then within a few hours I start to get sick.
I do have sensitive skin and develop dermitis easily. I have even gotten sore throats and dry lips from drinking out of steel water bottles before. I also have reactions to cleaning products. So i wonder if it might be the tap lines, if they are metal, or the cleaning products they use to clean the lines?
Other days I had been drinking bottled beer and have been fine.
I have had liver and kidney function checks to see if they are ok as I was a drug user and use to over-do alcohol years ago however all test results were fine and I certainly don't drink to the extent i use to and I do not use drugs at all any more.
Got any ideas? I a stumped.  
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