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Salty sputum with cough

I am s/p cervical fx C1 and C2 and a recent fx C3-5. I had an ACDF  C3-5 post op was great recovery no issues. Two months post-op, routine X-ray revealed one of the eight screws had dislodged very close to my esophagus. Surgery to remove screw was next day, it took 10 hours for spine surgeon and ENT surgeon to locate and remove. I was on vent for three days, that was 2 months ago, I have difficulty swallowing fluids but my issue is a persistent cough with salty sputum. I am having nasoesophageal scope next week? Anything else I should be doing?
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There is nothing that you yourself can do except to continue to request that your doctors seek to find the cause of your swallowing disorder and determine if it is a treatable condition.  The first step should probably be an X-ray swallowing test.  In fact the best approach and one that would be likely to result in a “cure” would be to arrange consultation with a Gastroenterology consultant.  Such a specialist would have expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of trouble swallowing.

It is very likely that the cough, the salty sputum and the trouble swallowing are all related.

Good luck
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