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Sudden milk allergy at 46??

I just came back from an appointment with an allergist.  I scheduled the appointment after I broke out into hives and my left eye swelled shut following a 10 mile run.  They tested me for 57 possible allergens and I tested positive to Cottonwood trees (which apparently don't grow where I live) and a strong allergy to milk.  I've been drinking milk for 46 years!  

The doctor explained to me that I had exercise induced anaphylaxis.  I had take two ibuprofen prior to the run and had a cup of coffee with 4 oz.. of milk prior to the run.  The doctor believes one of these two triggered the reaction and has recc. I remove all milk products from my diet and that I have to carry an EpiPen.  Do you agree with this advice?

I go back in three weeks for further testing including NSAID's and other foods.  He has told me to only exercise on an empty stomach.  I have researched and all I have read regarding exercise induced anaphylaxis is the same as what he has advised.  It just seems crazy that I would be allergic to milk and not know it.
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I agree with your doctor’s advice, diagnosis, recommendations and his/her plan for further testing.  Your description suggests that you are in good hands;  that your doctor has engaged in a very thorough investigation, and I suggest that you adhere to his/her recommendations re testing, carrying an Epi Pen  and current dietary restrictions.  The question of milk allergy would appear to still be an open question at this time but should be resolvable.  

Good luck
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